Photography Workshops

Have you ever come across that “once in a life-time” shot, grabbed the camera and then been completely frustrated with the resulting picture?

It has happened to me more often than I’d like to admit. However, I did something about it: I learnt to use my camera so that I could achieve the results I was after every time I made an exposure. I’d like to share my experience with every photographer who has ever been disappointed with their photography.

Camera manuals only go so far when it comes to teaching you how to use your camera. Most of them assume some level of prior knowledge of camera operation. Most of us don’t have that knowledge.

Today’s cameras are complicated beasts. All those strange looking symbols and abbreviations (designed to make the camera easier to use) only serve to confound the novice photographer. And since it’s all so confusing, most owners tend to leave the camera in “Auto” mode, making the extra controls redundant anyway! Wouldn’t you like to know how and when to use those controls?

My workshops are designed to explain to you how your camera works - in terms that you can understand. I want you to make better photographs too.

Beginners’ Workshops

We all need to start somewhere. My Beginners’ Workshops are for the majority of occasional photographers: people who have a nice camera but never use it in any mode except Auto.

I teach you the basics concepts of camera operation, composition and exposure control. These are the foundations on which the craft of photography are based, so I explain them in the simplest possible terms.

Digital or film? It doesn’t matter – the basics are the same for all cameras, so all cameras are suitable for this workshop.

The course is a fully self-contained 3 hour theory session followed immediately with a 1 to 2 hour practical exercise. During the course, you get one-on-one tuition in how to use your camera.

These courses are run regularly, with at least one held every month (more if the demand justifies). These are the most popular courses I run, probably because most people are at this stage of their development in photography.

Class sizes are limited to 10 students per session.


Enthusiasts’ Workshops

If you know your aperture from a hole in the ground and you’re not afraid to expose yourself, this workshop is for you!

Participants in the Enthusiasts’ Workshops should already understand what makes their camera tick and are at the stage where they need a prod to get to the next level. A darkroom and/or Photoshop would be familiar haunts of the enthusiast, and they should be starting to develop the art of photography.

Since art is a subjective experience, this workshop is less structured than the Beginners’ workshop, with more time for questions and answers. Subjects such as filtration, film/sensor type, multiple exposure and post-production methods are examined. We discuss the techniques for enhancing the original capture to turn photographs from simple records into works of art.

Classes are limited to 8 students per session.

Advanced Landscape Photography Workshops

As the name implies, these workshops are for people who are already familiar with their camera’s functions. We do not discuss the technical aspects of camera use in these workshops, but rather, concentrate on special techniques to make stunning landscape photographs. We also discuss intellectual gymnastics required for successful landscape photography.

Typically, these workshops are run over a weekend, visiting locations such as The Pinnacles or Margaret River. We use the dawn and evening light to make our photographs, utilising the rest of the day for discussions and scouting exercises. Classes are limited to 8 students per course

Private Tuition

I’m is available to teach you the finer points of photography via your own private workshop. Together, we’ll cover any aspect of photography which is troubling you. Everything from image capture to Photoshop: you name it and we’ll work on it.

Photoshop Workshops

My Photoshop workshops are designed for photographers. Since I use Photoshop as my darkroom, I only cover the functions of the program which are applicable to producing a photograph. Even so, these workshops take 6 hours of class time, such is the complexity of the program (3 x 2 hour sessions).

In the workshops we cover every step I use to complete a photograph, from importing an image file to resizing for printing, including layers, tonal/colour adjustments and special sharpening techniques.

Photoshop workshops require the use of your own laptop computer and your own version of Photoshop. Classes are limited to 6 students per course. Private tuition in Photoshop can also be arranged.

To register your interest in one of my workshops, please contact me via this link and indicate which of the workshops interest you in the "Other comments" box.

If you prefer, you may download this form, print it out and send it to Scene by Hird, PO Box 1159, Fremantle, WA, 6959