24/03/2009: Uploaded the "Limited Editions" gallery of the site

17/06/2006 - 2009: Not much happened on the site, but heaps has happened in our lives .....

17/06/2006: New Photos released and uploaded the latest newsletter. Oh, and I quit my day job too .... So we are opening a new gallery in Perth soon.

11/05/2006: Released a new format of newsletter to make it more email and web friendly. Click here to see the April/May one. I have also constructed a video of how I go about resizing a photo for email and web distribution.

19/03/2006: Updated the new photo of the month information and added a gallery of Tasmanian images

01/12/2005: Added all newsletters for the year to date. Updated Photo of the Month and front page. Geez there are a lot of things to catch up on - sorry ....

18/04/2005: Finally added the new Photo of the Month to the opening page (notice the date of this update!). A few problems, but I finally got the current newsletter out.

06/03/2005: Added a form to make purchasing a print easier. The process was a little cumbersome previously.

05/03/2005: FREE SHIPPING! We are now offering free shipping of our prints to your home or business within Australia. That applies to all photographs bought in our gallery whilst traveling and to prints bought on-line or through mail order.

I've also updated the "latest shots" gallery (at last ....)

01/03/2005: I've changed the way I can be contacted after the "free form" hosting site I was using decided to change their policies and start charging me to retrieve the information you were sending me. If you sent me anything in the last month, I did not receive it. Please go here and submit your message to me again. You'll also see the new"Contact" button above.

My forum was being harvested for email addresses by spammers, so I deleted it. Nobody was using it anyway, so it's no great loss to the world ...

Photo.net has awarded me another "Photo of the Week" award. They contacted me on 14/02/05 to let me know. I consider it an honour, so feel free to check it out here.

All previous newsletters are now on the web site. Go to the downloads page to see the list.

18/02/2005: Long time between drinks - sorry for the delay in updates. That slapping noise you hear is me beating myself up for being so slack. Make me STOP - Please!!!!

I've fixed up an error on the front page which stopped people from accessing the techniques page directly from the front page.

I've added links to the "Hird About The Place" newsletters in the downloads page.

I've removed the forum because it appeared that it was being harvested for email addresses by spammers.

There have been a few other minor tweaks, but you probably won't find them.

12/12/2004: I've put in a page to show my back pack. Being a proud cheapskate, I thought I'd share some money saving tips with everybody. I couldn't conceive paying $700 for a Lowepro SuperTrekker, so I built my own for about $160.

4/12/2004: Added a gallery for my latest prints. Funnily enough, I've called it LATEST. I've also updated the Photo of the Month.

11/11/2004: Updated my Links page with some new resources and photographers. I've also added two new screen savers today: "Lightning" and "Karijini". They're free and you can forward them on to friends. Just remember that I still retain copyright on all the images in them and of the screen savers themselves.

3/11/2004: Posted a new gallery of images from Canada and uploaded extra images in the Lightning and Karijini galleries.

31/10/2004: Included a "Downloads" page where free gifts such as screen savers can be found. I've also updated the Photo of the Month, this month called Sizzle!.

27/10/2004: I've just done a major upgrade of most of the galleries, adding purchase options and new pictures. The new gallery is for Karijini NP, so please have a look at it. All the pictures from the gallery are now on the web site, and those that aren't hanging on the walls now are easier to browse - online.

Let me know what you think of the upgrade - please email me on graeme@scenebyhird.com - I love to hear from people.

06/09/2004: Although I haven't updated this page for a little while, I have been updating the front page and the Photo of the Month information each month since I started running it. This month's photo is a dramatic image of the unlock dumps associated with the Super pit.

Like many using Windows, we've had a major crash and lost quite a bit of work - people are saying it's something to do with Service Pack 2 for XP. I don't know, but I'm pretty annoyed .....

09/07/2004: I was interviewed yesterday on the Local ABC radio station. They've placed the story on their web site here.

03/07/2004: Updated the Photo of the Month to Thunder stuck.

07/06/2004: Created a new folder for this year's Rhythms In The Outback Festival photos.

06/06/2004: Ever notice how habit-forming procrastination can be? I've been so busy doing stuff behind the scenes that I've been letting the web site slip. Sorry. Anyway, we've now introduced a new feature for our customers to enjoy: The Photo of the Month. Each month we've got benefits associated with subscribing to the Photo of the month, and additional benefits for those who prefer the Connoisseur's Collection edition. If you have already bought a picture from us, you are eligible to receive the Poem subscription for a year - for nothing! If we haven't got your details on record, you'll need to prove you've bought a picture, but each month from there, you'll get a print in the mail. Everybody else can subscribe too. Just follow the links in this paragraph.

We've also released the first newsletter, called "Hird About The Place". If you'd like to receive it, please click here and fill in your details. It's FREE and also a bit of fun.

03/02/2004: Again, I must apologise for being slow to update the web site. With the gallery now being open for 4 months and Christmas finally over, I've finally gotten around to adding a couple of pages that were sorely needed (the Links and Showroom pages) and updated the Prints page to reflect our pricing policy and the fact that we now have a gallery as our primary outlet. Stay tuned for prices, sizes and "price trigger" information to be placed with each image available in the gallery.


11/10/2003: My apologies for not having more regular updates over the last two months: I've been busy preparing our showroom for its opening. That has now been completed (more to come later), so now I've changed the front page of this site to suit our new business name: "Scene by Hird". I have also changed many references to Golden Eye Photography. Since weddings and portraits are generally no longer available, I also removed the direct links to them (you can still view them by clicking on the links in this sentence). We will continue to do weddings on a very limited scale, though only when the time suits our other commitments.

04/08/2003: Added "Thor's Hammer" to the lightning gallery.

28/07/2003: Corrected an error in my techniques page (thanks Drew). The image "The Haunted Wood" was awarded Photo Of The Week on photo.net, which pleases me greatly, to say the least. Thanks Elves!

03/07/2003: Loaded a new photo into the Lightning Gallery: "Sky Dance"

26/06/2003: Updated an image that I was not happy with in the Otway Ranges Gallery (Beauty Spot 2).

25/06/2003: Added the monochrome portfolio to the Gallery section. Also loaded an image of Steve Fosset's failed balloon launch in the People Gallery. Still waiting for my turn at world domination (the big kids won't get off the swings Mum..)

15/06/2003: Added Breakaway image to Goldfields Landscapes Gallery.

07/06/2003: Added self portrait.

05/06/2003: Added a new lightning photo to the lightning gallery.

04/06/2003: Added a new gallery, (One Storm) to the Galleries section.

02/06/2003: Added the stock image link and a harsh copyright notice, after seeing 5 of my pictures printed out by someone who was going to get them framed for her husband's birthday. She changed her mind when I suggested prints bought from me would be better quality.

31/05/2003: Removed the racing link from the main web pages, in favour of directing people there via email.

19/05/2003: Added two new technique pages, Developing By Inspection and Why Large Format?

17/05/2003: Added the Rhythms In The Outback gallery to the Galleries page

15/05/2003: Added the forum to the site.

13/05/2003: Launched the web site onto an unsuspecting public. Expecting world domination to follow next week.

01/05/2003: Updated the gallery section and refined the Java script that generates galleries.

29/04/2003: Gave birth to this web site. It is yet to make its debut in the real world.