As with most other pages on the internet called "Links", this page contains my favourite sites, most of which are photographic.

Photography Information sites:

The Large Format Information Forum - The forum at this link taught me more about large format photography than any other source of knowledge. I highly recommend it if you are interested in LF photography. The associated static information pages contain all the information a budding LF photographer needs. - This site is one of the most comprehensive on the net. A real "must-see"! - Strangely, this internet site is devoted to analogue photography! What they mean is film based photography and optical printing methods. Some very cluey people inhabit its forums. - Probably the most popular photo site on the net. Don't bother buying magazines - all you ever needed to know (but didn't know you had to ask...) is contained in the forum archives of this site. There is even an LF forum associated with the site. Did I tell you I received the "Photo of the week" award there once? (Update: they gave me a second award in Feb. 2005)

Other Photographers:

Ken Duncan - Ken Duncan's web site. Wonderful Australian (and global) panoramic shots. It was time spent with Ken when he came to Kalgoorlie that convinced me to open the gallery. Ken's a great bloke and was extremely encouraging throughout the time he was here.

Lynn Webb - Another local photographer in the Goldfields of Western Australia. Lynn is based in Norseman, about 200 km south of Kalgoorlie.

Lynn Radeka - A great site, Lynn has some absolutely beautiful monochrome work.

Alex Bond - Another Western Australian landscape photographer using LF cameras.

Chris Jordan - An American photographer doing great things.

Robert Lawrence - A close friend who I met over the internet. Several times he has been Welsh Master Photographer of the Year.

Damon Annison - Based in Albany, Western Australia, Dammon is very much in touch with the natural environment around him. It shows in his work.

Scott Rosenberg - An amazing American landscape photographer. Very similar style to my own work. His site may be a little slow to load completely, but it's worth waiting in those galleries for a bit longer than you might think.


Interesting Links:

Magnetricity - Psst ... Hey, you want to know something about lightning? Check out this site!


Commercial Links:

Image Science - This is the place to get scans of film done. They know what they are doing and their prices are excellent. Definitely the best scanning lab I have found so far.

Pixel Perfect - The best printing lab in the world (no exaggeration at all - and it's why I use them exclusively).

Robert White - Possibly the cheapest source of photographic gear anywhere on the planet! I've ordered equipment from them and had it within a week - I can't even get that sort of service from the other side of the country, let alone the other side of the world! - A link to an information site about anywhere you might be heading.