Trained as a scientist, I have a degree in Applied Geology and worked in the mining industry (gold exploration) for fifteen years before changing careers in July 2006. I believe my understanding and love of earth sciences allows me to “see” the world somewhat differently to most other people.

Working part-time as a photographer during my years in the mining industry, I dabbled in weddings, portraits, horse photos and the like. None of these subjects inspired me greatly, since my first love was always the bush. They reckon a photographer should concentrate on photographing the things he loves, so that’s what I do now. When we opened our Kalgoorlie gallery in October 2003, I gave up most other genres of photography to concentrate on the landscapes I really enjoy.

I bought my first SLR camera in 1988 – a twenty year old Minolta SRT101 with a selection of even older lenses. My photographs were stunning from the very start. At least, that’s what I thought at the time: now that I examine them with a more experienced and critical eye, I realise how truly awful those shots were! I keep those first “great shots” as a humbling reminder of how much I had to learn and how far I’ve progressed since. I hereby apologise to the friends I inflicted those photos on.

I’ve never had any formal training in photography or art - and many would say it shows! I taught myself the craft and science of photography by reading, practicing and learning from my (many) mistakes as I made them. I’m more than happy to share the lessons I’ve learnt – as long as you don’t ask to see my mistakes.

I’ve always used film cameras and continue to do so. Due to its primitive design, I believe using my favourite camera has actually taught me more about the craft of photography than any other aspect of my photographic journey. Without a built-in light meter, motor drive, program mode or even a view-finder, I’ve been forced to learn everything from “first principles”. That fundamental knowledge has provided me a solid basis from which to experiment.

I hope I never stop learning about photography and the subjects I photograph.

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Now go and look at some pictures before I report you for invasion of privacy :)

You can contact me online here or phone me on 0400 340 900 (in Australia) . I don't bite and I love to discuss photography of any type.



























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I'm 42, married with two kids (a girl aged 12 and a boy aged 9). Photography is my obsession. I spend more time thinking about it than any other aspect of my life.

I have been shooting film for about 20 years and bought my Tachihara in 1998. That was a turning point for my photography, because it taught me to see more selectively and it exposed me to Philip Greenspun's LF forum. I also own a 35mm camera, though I rarely use it now. I've also bought a digital SLR recently, but it's just for fun and for teaching with

I have a Bachelor of Applied Science (Applied Geology) (finished uni in 1991) although I gave up full time geology in 2006 to concentrate on my photography. I own 2 galleries selling my own prints.

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