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Let me first put it simply, without all the "legalese": If you like my pictures enough to want one, please buy it! I can supply you with a much better quality picture than you're going to get by downloading one of my small files here. By paying for a picture, you are helping to fund future picture making expeditions, where I might make the "perfect picture" that you just have to have. If I don't make sales today, you won't see the pictures I make tomorrow, ever!

This isn't a "struggling artist BS sob story": I am simply letting you know that you don't do yourself or me any favours by stealing my intellectual property. (But I know you - you would never stoop that low. This is directed at those who would!)

And now with all the legal bits and pieces added: All photographs, text and html coding appearing on the Scene by Hird web site are the exclusive intellectual property of Graeme Hird and are protected under The Australian Copyright Act and international copyright laws.

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None of the images on this site are within the Public Domain.

Additionally, if you have bought a print from me, or if I've supplied you with proofs, under this section of the Copyright Act, you are not entitled to make a copy of the image in any manner whatsoever. If you need another copy, call me and we'll work something out. Copying my image is stealing my intellectual property.

I vigorously protect my copyright interests. In the event that an unauthorised usage is discovered, you will be notified and invoiced at the rate of 10 times the standard fee for normal usage and/or prosecuted for breach of the Copyright Act in the Australian Supreme Court, where you will be subject to a fine in addition to all court costs and attorneys' fees. By entering this site you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

To gain reproduction rights to any image, send an email to Graeme Hird or call Graeme at Scene by Hird on (08) 90 911 611 or 0408 95 11 76.